​Therapy Supervision

Aspen Grove Family Therapy can offer therapy supervision through Dr. Whitehead. Finding a qualified and competent supervisor makes an immense difference for the therapist and their future clients. Dr. Whitehead offers three types of supervision for therapists:

AAMFT Supervision-of-Supervision
Associate Clinical Supervision
Play Therapy Supervision
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Reviews of Supervision

Therapists who are seeking supervision for licensure should see the reviews from some previous therapists whom Dr. Whitehead has supervised for insight into what to expect from his supervision:

  • Michael Whitehead was a consistent and caring supervisor who showed confidence in the people he supervised.  He showed sincere interest in the ideas of the therapists he worked for and provided excellent insight. (Couples Therapist) 
  • There were many things that I appreciated about Michael as a supervisor. One of those being Michael’s generosity as well as his clinical expertise. He provided many resources including personal books and articles to reference and much insight into appropriate theories or techniques to implement with clients. I began researching and implementing Emotional Focused Therapy under Michael’s supervision. I believe I am a much more present therapist after the many hours of video reviews and critiques in supervision with Michael. I would highly recommend Michael as a clinical supervisor. He shows a high level of investment in helping upcoming therapists become knowledgeable and confident. (Couples Therapist)
  • Michael was a great supervisor for me. I really enjoyed our time spent applying theories to my cases. At the time we worked together, my understanding of theory especially in application was fuzzy. We spent time every supervision session discussing my cases in context. I found that to be very helpful to my development as a therapist. One of Michael’s many talents as a supervisor is meet his supervisees where they are and address their specific needs at the time. (Child Therapist)
  • Michael excelled as a supervisor, with a consistent focus on theory development and utilization, while remaining adaptive and responsive to my needs throughout our time together. His approach to supervision allowed me to try new ideas or techniques, while helping to create an environment that was safe and supportive of my growth as a couple and family therapist. Michael was an invaluable resource for me during my time working with him, and I would absolutely recommend him as a clinical supervisor. (Family Therapist)