Licensed Providers

NOTE: Each provider is contracted with different insurance companies due to differences in licensing. Please see our Rates page for more details.

Michael Whitehead, Ph.D.

Dr.  Whitehead treats couple distress, child behavior problems, and family dysfunction using a systemic view of the clients presenting  problems.

Larissa Macfarlane, M.A.

Larissa works with couples and helps them to navigate sex, parenting, family management and faith transitions. She also provides individual and whole family therapy. She believes her clients have the strengths they need to be happy and healthy.

Kami Roach, M.A.

Kami’s favorite part about being a counselor is giving people the opportunity to feel heard and supported as they work to grow and find peace. She meet’s clients where they are, without judgement, and helps them reach the goals they set for their mental health.

Amy Walker, MSW

Amy loves to work with children and their families as they create secure attachments, explore self identity, and navigate social, emotional and behavioral concerns. 

Stefanie Gilbert, MSW

Stefanie has over 20 years of experience helping children and families find better ways to cope with challenges stemming from trauma, behavioral concerns, disruptions in attachment and more.

Mikayla Connolly, MSW

Mikayla has experience in LGBTQ+ affirming therapy, CBT, DBT, person centered therapy, motivational interviewing and strength based therapy. She provides individual, family and group therapy.

Nancy Manrique, M.A.

Nancy specializes working with children in the areas of behavioral, emotional and some developmental disabilities. Nancy is in the process of working towards becoming a Registered Play Therapist.

Holly Anderson, MSW

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Francine Bailey, MSW

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Carrie Bridges, M.A.

Carrie is a Master’s student at Antioch University Seattle, in the Art Therapy, Couple and Family Therapy, and Play Therapy programs. Dr. Whitehead and Art Therapist faculty from her school will supervise her through internship.

Matthew Mayock, M.S.

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Lindsay Ashmead, M.A.

Lindsay specializes working with individuals ages 14 and up in trauma, grief, and crisis intervention. She is Certified in Internal Family Systems (IFS) as well as EMDR trained.

Dusti Becker, MSW

Dusti is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 20+ years of experience serving diverse individuals in a variety of mental health settings including family preservation, medical social work, inpatient psychiatric hospital, and community-based psychotherapy.

Student Intern Providers

Alli Oakey

Alli is a Master’s student at Indiana Wesleyan University, in the Couple and Family Therapy program. Dr. Whitehead and University faculty supervise her clinical experience.

Jeanette Terry

Jeanette is a Master’s student at National University, in the Couple and Family Therapy program. Dr. Whitehead and University faculty supervise her clinical experience.

Support Staff

Valerie Illguth

Billing Manager

Valerie has over ten years of billing and accounting experience. She has been with Aspen Grove for over three years. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Economics from Utah State University in 2007. She completed a second Bachelors in Accounting from Western Governors University in 2022.


She enjoys volunteering with several organizations in Twin Falls and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and their four children. She also likes to read biographies, listen to podcasts and write blog post for East Idaho Mom’s Collective.

Emma Ramasco



  • Clinic Owner and Clinical Supervisor – Michael R. Whitehead, PhD
  • Reception Manager – Kami Roach, MA
  • Operations Manager – Larissa Macfarlane, MA
  • Billing Manager – Valerie Illguth