NOTE: Each provider is contracted with different insurance companies due to differences in licensing. Please see our Rates page for more details.

Michael Whitehead, Ph.D.

Dr.  Whitehead treats couple distress, child behavior problems, and family dysfunction using a systemic view of the clients presenting  problems.


Larissa Macfarlane, M.A.

Larissa is currently a Master’s (MA) level student at Liberty University in Marriage and Family Therapy. She plan’s to seek certification through AASECT to provide Sex Therapy to couples.

Kami Roach, M.A.

Kami’s favorite part about being a counselor is giving people the opportunity to feel heard and supported as they work to grow and find peace. She meet’s clients where they are, without judgement, and helps them reach the goals they set for their mental health.

Kelsie Rogers, M.Ed.

Kelsie is a currently a school counselor at Xavier Charter School. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Boise State University. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor who specializes in working with children and adolescents.

Nancy Manrique, M.A.

Nancy Manrique is a Masters level Licensed Professional Counselor. Nancy specializes working with children in the areas of behavioral, emotional and some developmental disabilities. Nancy is
in the process of working towards becoming a Registered Play Therapist.

Reta Jeppesen, B.A.

Reta is currently a Master’s (MA) level student in Marriage and Family Therapy at Northcentral University. She is passionate about working with couples and helping them find joy and healthy connection in their most intimate relationships.

Carrie Bridges, B.A.

Carrie is a Master’s student at Antioch University Seattle, in the Art Therapy, Couple and Family Therapy, and Play Therapy programs. Dr. Whitehead and Art Therapist faculty from her school will supervise her through internship.

Support Staff

Valerie Illguth

Billing Manager

Valerie has over six years of billing and customer service experience. She has worked in field accounting for Snowbasin Ski Resort in Utah, and Xanterra Travel Collection in Yellowstone National Park. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Economics from Utah State University in 2007. She also enjoys writing, sewing, and going on roadtrips with her husband and children.

Kera Macfarlane


Kera is a Master’s student at National University, in the Couple and Family Therapy program.


  • Clinic Owner and Clinical Supervisor – Michael R. Whitehead, PhD
  • Reception Manager – Kami Roach, MA
  • Operations Manager – Larissa Macfarlane, MA
  • Billing Manager – Valerie Illguth