AAMFT Supervision of Supervision

Supervision-of-Supervision, also known as Supervision Mentoring, plays a pivotal role in the journey towards becoming an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. However, the benefits of supervision mentoring can enhance the supervision experience of those not pursuing the Approved Supervisor designation.  


Dr. Whitehead has held the designation of AAMFT Approved Supervisor since 2013. During this time, he has not only instructed the AAMFT Fundamentals of Supervision course (comprising 30 hours) for a COAMFTE Accredited Doctorate program but has also been actively mentoring novice therapists and supervisors. Below, is a selection of testimonials from former supervisees and mentees, highlighting their experiences working with Dr. Whitehead.

Clinical Supervision
Michael Whitehead was a consistent and caring supervisor who showed confidence in the people he supervised. He showed sincere interest in the ideas of the therapists he worked for and provided excellent insight.
Supervision Mentorship
Michael was a great mentor for me. We spent time every mentorship session discussing my supervisee's in context. I found that to be very helpful to my development as a supervisor. One of Michael's many talents as a mentor is he meets his mentees where they are and address their specific needs at the time.
Clinical Supervision
I was supervised by Michael for two years in Michigan while earning my license as a Marriage and Family Therapist. There were many things that I appreciated about Michael as a supervisor. One of those being Michael's generosity as well as his clinical expertise. I believe I am a much more present therapist after the many hours of video reviews and critiques in supervision with Michael. I would highly recommend Michael as a clinical supervisor. He shows a high level of investment in helping upcoming therapists become knowledgeable and confident.
Supervision Mentorship
Michael Whitehead is a genius as a therapist (and human being).
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To learn more about his supervision mentorship or to sign up as a mentee, contact Dr. Whitehead here.