Walk-in/Single Session Therapy Services

Aspen Grove Family Therapy is proud to provide “Walk-in/Single Session” therapy services. These services are best for people who need immediate (non-crisis) therapy services. Research has indicated that around 50-70% of clients only need one session of therapy to benefit. Unfortunately, the typical model of therapy services is riddled with wait-lists and difficulty in getting into services when the need is present.


In order to provide these services, three seasoned Aspen Grove team members, will offer walk-in services according to the following schedule (more times will be offered if these services become popular):


Clients who walk into the office (or schedule using the following link: Client Portal) during these hours will be seen on a first-come, first-serve basis.


There is no limit on the amount of times a person may use this service, however there is no guarantee or promise that you will be able to get in, due to the large need of services in our community.


Walk-in services are generally provided at a rate of $75/session (50 minutes), however due to a generous collaboration with the Magic Valley Suicide Awareness and Prevention organization, all services will be provided at NO COST to the client! If the funds available for this collaboration are expended, we will actively seek other opportunities to continue offering this service at no cost. Unfortunately, the use of insurance is not available for these services, since insurance requires a more thorough assessment and intake process and a formal treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who walks into our clinic on a day, during the hours we offer this service, will be asked to fill out a brief consent form with basic demographic information (about 3-5 minutes). Afterwards, clients will be seen on a first come, first serve basis. If there more clients show up than there is available space, those who arrived first will be given priority, and when that session is over (typically around 50 minutes after is starts) the earliest arriving clients will be seen next. If a client is not able to be seen on the day they show up, they will be prioritized for the next available walk-in session.


To help ensure your ability to be seen, clients can ‘schedule’ ahead of time (up to 5 minutes before the session) by using our client portal system. To do so, follow these directions:


  • Select “I’m a New Client” on this webpage – https://aspengrove.clientsecure.me/
  • Depending on the day you are wishing to be seen, select the appropriate clinician (Tuesday’s – Kami; Wednesday’s – Dr. Whitehead; Thursday’s – Larissa).
  • Select the service titles “Single Session Therapy”.
  • Select the location (either a room or video office).
  • Select the time you wish to be seen.
  • Fill out the paperwork that is required.
  • Show up for your ‘appointment’.

If you’d like to fill out the consent and demographic form before you arrive, it can be found here.

Since Single Session Therapy is formatted to prioritize your concerns in that one session, it is best to fill out our brief consent and demographic paperwork ahead of time by ‘scheduling’ your session ahead of time (even if it is just 10 minutes ahead of time). This paperwork can be downloaded here and brought to our office if that is more convenient for you.

Many clients who experience immediate (non-life threatening) concerns related to anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, parenting issues, job stresses, and many more are encouraged to use this service. The research indicates that the majority of clients benefit by the first session and often don’t need to continue therapy after the first session. However, the wait list to get in usually exacerbates many concerns and deepens the need for longer term services. A recent article (Bertuzzi, et. al., 2021) found that Single Session Therapy was just as effective at treating anxiety as traditional (week-to-week) therapy.

Children/teens who are 14 years and older may use this service ONLY if both parents provide consent (may be given via email) BEFORE the service is rendered.


While we acknowledge the intense need for services for children younger than 14 in our community, generally we can not provide single session therapy services for anyone under the age of 14 years. Legal and ethical liability concerns related to the therapeutic treatment of children prohibits our ability to offer this service for children younger than 14 years.


Parents are encouraged to use this service to consult about the concerns they have with their children, which can alleviate the parental anxiety and stress they experience.

This service is provided on a first come, first serve basis. Clients will not be able to request a specific clinician. We are offering this service in an effort to alleviate the mental health concerns in our community and to provide a way for clients to be seen without having to wait. All providers who are offering this service are well trained and have experience and expertise in treating a variety of different concerns. All of them will be adept at addressing your concerns.