Relationship Checkup

There are physical checkups (medical), dental checkups, tune ups for cars, and the typical oil change (usually every three months) for cars. However, most couples neglect one of their most important relationships, their marriage. Now you can get a marital/relationship checkup. A marital checkup consists of three hours of observation, assessment and feedback. Within that three hours I can identify some of the possibly harmful patterns or behaviors that can lead your marriage to have problems. It can also be a great way to affirm or re-affirm the strength of your relationship. After all, how many of us like to hear from our dentist, “Your great, no cavities or problems at all. Come back in six months!” So regardless of whether you are in a great relationship or can see the beginnings of problems, a relationship checkup can help set you back on track to a great, long lasting relationship. Another way to look at a relationship checkup is as an early detection or prevention strategy. 


One of the tools our couple therapists use to help couples get an accurate picture of how their relationship is functioning is an assessment called the RELATE assessment. It is a research driven, in depth assessment of relationship functioning. Take a look at the website for more information ( Your RELATE/READY assessment is included in the cost for your relationship checkup ($40 value, at no additional cost to you).


Research shows that most couples come to therapy when things get so bad that it takes a lot of hard work and a long time to get things back to a satisfying relationship. However, if you come in for regular checkups (every six months or so), you can catch problems early so they won’t get out of hand. See below for the typical costs associated with the treatment of relationship problems. 

An Ounce of Prevention

You’ve heard it before, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” Well, let me detail how this applies to marriage and families. 



  • Marital Checkup (three hours of assessment for $425)

Cure (treatment): 

  • Moderate marital problems (an average of 6-8 sessions of Marriage counseling, between $720-900)
  • Serious marital problems (an average of 12-14 sessions of Marriage counseling, between $1,260-2,100)
  • Severe marital problems (an average of 18-24 sessions of Marriage counseling, between $2,160-3,600)

“Cure” (divorce): 
The average divorce costs between $5,000-15,000, and untold emotional and physical health costs that often accompany divorces. If the marriage includes children, the cost is unpredictable due to child support, transportation and other costs associated with co-parenting (sometimes even therapy).