Play Therapy


Play therapy is a way of connecting with children through their play experiences. Throughout play therapy, the therapist is a positive presence to allow the child to feel accepted. This acceptance allows the child to “work through” their problems in their play. Our experience conducting play therapy has surprised us at how amazing children are and how intelligent they are. Children are able to “work through” most of their problems through play. However, there needs to be a positive adult presence of acceptance in order for that play and work to be therapeutic. After the therapist has helped your child get to a positive point in their therapy, they will typically teach parents how to interact with their children in this positive way as well. This turns the parent into that positive adult presence of acceptance, re-building that attachment relationship. We currently accept children as young as twelve months old for play therapy. If you see a need, please contact us to schedule an appointment. For more information about play therapy see the website for the Association for Play Therapy

Many therapists and counselors say they use “Play Therapy”. However, in Twin Falls, currently only 2 therapists have the training to call themselves Registered Play Therapists.

​Dr. Whitehead is one and is also a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor.