Individual Therapy

Whether your are dealing with anxiety, depression, the end of a relationship or you need to work on understanding yourself better, individual therapy is a good option. Our expert therapists use a mixture of evidenced based interventions (i.e. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Relaxation Training) and in session experiential exercises when helping people with depression or anxiety. This combination helps clients practice the skills that are proven to work in session so they are able to use them more when they are out of the session. Some of our therapists also use Transgenerational Therapy to help people better understand who they are. Many people, especially those having an identity crisis, don’t fully understand their backgrounds, which can create anxiety and other emotional symptoms. Working on understanding your history, which includes understanding how the way you were treated in your family as a child, helps you work on that anxiety and decrease those other emotional symptoms before they get out of hand.

Another way individual therapy can help is to help you learn what things have been a problem for you in previous relationships so you don’t repeat those patterns in future relationships.