The decision to end a marriage or a long term relationship is very difficult and emotionally trying. When kids are involved, the difficulty and turmoil are intensified. Whether you are just thinking about ending the relationship or have already done so, therapy is a good place to work on that frustration.

After a Divorce or Separation
If children are involved, it is vital that both parents devote some time to “co-parenting” therapy (see below for more information). If no children are involved, it still might be a good idea to seek therapy. Often times people will get into “rebound” relationships because of the void of emotional intimacy that results from an ended relationship. If you are not careful, you are very likely to enter a relationship that mirrors or has many of the same patterns/circumstances that were in your previous relationship. Make an appointment with me in order to determine if you are likely to fall into these same patterns again. 

Co-Parenting after Divorce or Separation
Children can have a difficult time adjusting to divorce or separation. However, research shows that the greatest predictor of how well a child adjusts to a parental divorce is how well the parents themselves adjust to the divorce. Often times, while unintentional, some parents continue the fighting that caused their relationship to end, but do so through their children. This is often seen when parents ask their kids to “spy” on their other parent so they still know what their former partner is doing. It can also be something as seemingly innocent as relaying messages between parents. Children want their parents to be happy (even if that is not with each other), but they can’t be happy if both parents are not cooperating for the child. Co-parenting therapy is a way for both parents to come together for their child and learn news ways of parenting and new ways of communicating with their former partners. Even if you took (or are ordered to take) a parenting class as a result of your separation, continued therapy is a good way to make sure you are doing the best for your child. Contact me to set up an appointment so you and your former partner can start working together for your child(ren).