Discernment Counseling

Are you on the “brink of divorce”?

If you or your partner are leaning towards divorce/separation, traditional couples counseling may not work since you may be working towards two different goals. This can make the therapy directionless and frustrating for everyone involved. As a discernment counselor, Dr. Whitehead can help you both gain greater clarity and confidence in decision making toward a unified goal. The immediate decision won’t be about staying together or getting a divorce, but rather, whether to commit to a six-month effort to restore the marriage or to continue moving towards divorce, taking divorce off the table for that period. Dr. Whitehead will work with each partner separately, focusing on decision-making with the spouse who is leaning toward divorce/separation, and offer support and validation with the other spouse. They will learn to recognize their own roles in the marital problems and identify potential solutions rather than focusing on changing the other. Dr. Whitehead received advanced training in Discernment Counseling and can train other therapists, providing you with a professional and experienced level of care. To learn more about Discernment Counseling, please check out the Minnesota Couples on the Brink Project and the Doherty Relationship Institute.

Will insurance cover Discernment Counseling?

People often ask if insurance will cover Discernment Counseling (DC), which can be complicated. Sometimes insurance will cover DC, but other times it won’t. Because we have had problems with payment for DC, we don’t submit claims to insurance companies. Instead, we can give you a “superbill” to help you get reimbursed by your insurance carrier. Fortunately, DC is usually short and only takes 2 to 5 sessions. For a more thorough explanation about using insurance, see this great blogpost.