Family Therapy

Families often experience challenges that are troublesome and difficult for them to work through on their own. This can be anything from an oppositional child, a serious medical issue of one or more of the family members, or dissatisfaction of how things are experienced in the family. Families have patterns of behavior that affect how they interact with each and with others outside the family. Being able to identify these patterns and offer ways to change them, you can increase satisfaction within your family. 

Couple Therapy

Most couples experience cycles of hard times and good times throughout their marriage. It is important for couples to identify the cycle before it get out of their control. Within each cycle there are often some major hotspots that need to be dealt with. Some of the most common hotspots couples tend to attribute to ending their marriage include: money problems, intimacy issues, and communication problems. While these are the most typical reasons for divorce/separation, many other problems are hiding below the surface of these three hotspots. For instance communication problems can lead the individual partners to ‘drift apart’ and feel like they are ‘falling out of love’ with each other. Intimacy issues are often connected to emotional disconnection, physical or mental health concerns, problematic pornography use, emotional or physical affairs, and/or addiction problems. And financial concerns often lead to many other issues including: addiction, abuse, depression, anxiety, problems with in-laws, etc. Our couples therapists are familiar with identifying these cycles and addressing these common hotspots in marriage. Many times, if the cycle is stopped early, therapy is quick and short term. If you have let the cycle get out of hand, therapy can often be long term. With the exception of the presence of abuse, our main goal in couple therapy is to enhance relationship satisfaction. Click the picture below to see more details about that particular mode of therapy.


Couple Communication


Divorce/Separation Therapy