Associate Clinical Supervision

Dr. Whitehead at Aspen Grove Family Therapy is a state recognized clinical supervisor for the states of Idaho, Utah, and Washington. In Idaho this means that associate level clinicians can obtain supervision from Dr. Whitehead for the following licenses: 

Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 100% (2000 client contact hours)
  • 100% (200 direct face-to-face supervision hours)
Clinical Professional Counselor
  • 50% (1000/2000 client contact hours)
  • 50% (34/68 direct face-to-face supervision hours)
Clinical Social Worker
  • 50% (1500/3000 client contact hours)
  • 50% (50/100 direct face-to-face supervision hours)

Why Should I Get Supervision from Dr. Whitehead?

As an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, Dr. Whitehead has received a significant amount of mentoring and training on how to supervise and mentor Marriage and Family Therapists. It is also a good idea to seek supervision from a variety of supervisors in order to get different perspectives on how Couple and Family Therapy should be done. The more diverse your supervision, the more options for treatment you can provide your clients. 


What is your Philosophy of Supervision?

In his work with supervisee’s Dr. Whitehead encourages “self-supervision”. He does so by teaching them about systemic patterns, giving them feedback and helping them to see and use their relationship transference to improve their work with clients. The move toward self-supervision for a family therapist requires knowledge of systemic patterns, theories, ethics, client and supervisor feedback, and courage to see and use transference and countertransference in a therapeutic context (Bowen, 1978, u0026amp; Todd u0026amp; Storm, 1996). In order to encourage the movement from supervision to self-supervision Dr. Whitehead focuses on teaching and supporting knowledge in family therapy theories, identifying and changing systemic patterns, using the AAMFT Code of Ethics to guide practice, and identifying and using transference (between supervisee and himself) and countertransference (between supervisee and their clients).


Why AAMFT Approved Supervision?

Dr. Whitehead is the only AAMFT Approved Supervisor in the Magic Valley region. AAMFT maintains a very strict process for clinicians to become Approved Supervisors. Below is a comparison of the minimum standards to qualify as an Idaho state approved supervisor vs. an AAMFT Approved Supervisor.

Idaho State Approved Supervisor
  • The following is true if a clinician is NOT an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. Being an AAMFT Approved Supervisor supplants the criteria below.
    • Be fully licensed as a clinician for 2 years.
    • Complete 15 contact CE’s in supervisor training.
AAMFT Approved Supervisor
  • Be fully licensed as a clinician.
  • Complete the following in no less than 18 months:
    • Complete a 30 hour fundamentals in supervision course.
    • Supervise a minimum of 180 hours of direct contact with a supervisee.
    • Supervise a minimum of two different therapists.
    • Be supervised by an AAMFT Approved Supervisor for a minimum of 36 direct supervision contact hours.