“The Sound Relationship House”


Price is per couple for ALL sessions of the workshop! It breaks down to about $16.00 per session! It’s a great deal to actively invest in and improve your relationship.


Register here and show up on Saturday, January 23, 2021 with your partner!


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A 6-Session workshop for couples in committed relationships, based on the work of Dr.’s John and Julie Gottman


  1. Commitment and Trust (January 23, 2021)
  2. Setting a Solid Foundation (January 30, 2021)
  3. Understanding Conflict (February 6, 2021)
  4. Managing Conflict (February 13, 2021)
  5. Being a Team (February 20, 2021)
  6. Intimacy, Desire, and Passion (February 27, 2021)

Classes will take place every Saturday evening from 7pm to 8:30pm starting January 23, 2021. The workshops will be run by Larissa Macfarlane, Marriage and Family Therapy Student, under the direction and supervision of Dr. Michael Whitehead.


Couples must attend together!


The workshop will take place in the lobby of Aspen Grove Family Therapy, located at 451 Eastland Drive, Suite 7!