Online Psychotherapy Assessments

These assessment forms are intended for clients of Michael R. Whitehead, M.S., LMFT. Please select the link below to the assessment I asked for you to fill out. The information gathered will be stored* confidentially (password protected) and I will receive notification of your completion. These assessment forms are for your benefit in receiving the most accurate and helpful treatment as possible. Should you have questions regarding any statement or question on the form, please make a note of it and we will discuss it in our next session. While I am trained and qualified to score and interpret the assessments, I only use the information gathered to help you and I make decision related to your therapy treatment. Thank you for your cooperation in filling these assessment out.
*Note: While your scores will be automatically calculated, this program is not capable of sending you a copy of your results. I will print them out so we can discuss them in our next session.