Marathon Couple Therapy

Are you feeling like your once-happy relationship has hit a rough patch? Have you noticed your partner seeming unhappy or distant? If you’re looking for a way to work through these challenges together, Marathon Couple Therapy might be just what you need. 


While typical Couple Therapy (scheduled once a week for between 60-90 minutes at a time) can be extremely helpful for couples experiencing relationship distress, it requires a longer term commitment and can interrupt your normal schedule. 


Marathon Couple Therapy is a distinctive and growing practice of Couple Therapy that has shown significant and impressive benefits to couples in a shorter time period than week-to-week sessions. 

How is Marathon Couple Therapy Different?

Marathon Couple Therapy is driven by a comprehensive assessment of your relationship. This assessment takes into account your strengths,  weaknesses, and specific areas within your relationship that research has shown to bring either satisfaction or distress for couples. 


The assessments are empirically (research) valid and help to jumpstart therapy without the typical four to five session process of getting into various problems or concerns. 

Marathon Couple Therapy takes place between 1-3 full day sessions, allowing you greater flexibility and convenience, without requiring a long term consistent commitment of time. 

Research is starting to show that Marathon Couple Therapy is as effective, and sometimes, more effective than typical week-to-week Couple Therapy. 

In fact, John Gottman has found that couples who take part in Marathon Couple Therapy tend to see significant changes earlier and more sustainably than in week-to-week Couple Therapy. 

With Marathon Couple Therapy, the couple is able to practice the skills learned in a short time, and reach back out for tune-ups or boosters with the therapist later. This allows the change to be more sustainable and helpful for the couple. 

What Does Marathon Couple Therapy Look Like?

When a couple chooses to engage in Marathon Couple Therapy, the therapist will send them two different assessments. All assessments (and the deposit) must be completed in full before the marathon session can be scheduled. These assessments will be sent to via email to the couple. 


Session Structure

Once the assessments are completed and the deposit paid, we schedule two full days to complete the Marathon Couple Therapy. The second day is only used if needed (and the remaining funds are paid).

The first day of the session will be structured as follows:

  • 8am to about 9am: Conjoint (therapist and couple) all meet together for a brief relationship history. 
  • 9am to 10am: The therapist will meet individually with one partner. 
  • 10am to 11am: The therapist will meet individually with the other partner.
  • 11am to Noon: Another conjoint meeting to go over the assessments and give the couple an overview of things that could be improved on in the relationship.
  • Noon to 1:30pm – Break for lunch.
  • 1:30pm to about 5pm (depending on severity of concerns): The therapist and couple dive in and work on the areas outlined in the assessments.

If concerns are severe and last until 5pm, we use the second scheduled marathon day (typically the next day) to complete the work (from 9am to 4pm). 


The second day of the session will be structured as follows: 

  • 9am to Noon – Work conjointly to continue unearthing the relational concerns. 
  • Noon to 1:30 – Break for lunch.
  • 1:30 to 4:30 – Continue working conjointly building skills and processing interventions.  

At the end of the second marathon day, we schedule a brief follow-up for 6 weeks out (typically a 90 minute session).

Marathon Therapy is Best When:

Marathon Therapy is Not Appropriate When:

  • Either partner believes there is an active substance use concern, 
  • There is violence in the relationship, or a threat of serious violence is a fear of either partner, 
  • Either partner is experiencing an untreated major mental illness, 
  • There is an undisclosed, current affair that either partner is unwilling to disclose, 
  • Either partner currently experiences active suicide thoughts,
  • Either partner feels pressured into engaging in therapy. 

What Does Marathon Couple Therapy Cost?

Marathon Couple Therapy is a flat rate of $2,999 – regardless of how many days are utilized.


The fee includes between 11 and 17 hours of intensive therapy and assessment specific to you and your partner. 


A 50% deposit ($1,499.50) is required to secure your spot for Marathon Couple Therapy and to have the assessments provided to you. Clients may choose to pay the full fee up front if desired, however after the 50% deposit is paid, couples can choose to pay the remaining in full at the beginning of the first day, or in five equal monthly payments ($299.90). 


Be sure to read our Cancellation/Refund Policy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Marathon Couple Therapy is not billable to insurance, and in some cases neither is week-to-week Couple Therapy. Read more about that here

Marathon Couple Therapy is an intensive form of therapy and requires specialized training. The therapists who use Marathon Couple Therapy at Aspen Grove Family Therapy are highly trained and have received intense supervision to be able to offer such services. All providers are at least Level 2 trained in Gottman Method Couple Therapy, and many have additional training in the Doherty Approach to Couple Therapy.


Additionally, Aspen Grove providers who use Marathon Couple Therapy generally provide it during times when most providers are not typically working. This allows couples the most convivence in scheduling. 

A cancellation fee of $350 is reserved from your deposit for any cancellations. Any no-show’s will require us to retain your full deposit.  If you need to cancel and do so up to 72 hours before your session, your deposit will be refunded minus the cancellation fee.


If you need to reschedule for any reason, you may do so at no additional cost, unless there are no available spaces for us to reschedule you. At which time, your deposit will be refunded minus the cancellation fee. 

Who Provides Marathon Couple Therapy at Aspen Grove?