Therapy for Children

Working with children is a complex and difficult thing to do. Children rarely come into a therapy office, sit down and tell their deepest darkest secrets to a complete stranger. Most of the time a child is very uncomfortable coming to a therapist. They may feel like they are in trouble or like there is something seriously wrong with them. For this reason, our child therapists will typically meet with the parents first, before a child is seen. We want to know what the parents are concerned about, without the child sitting awkwardly in the lobby (knowing that they are being talked about) or sitting next to the parent trying to pretend like they don’t know what is being said. After that initial session with just the parents, the therapist will ask to see the child. Some of our therapists have experience treating children as young as twelve months old and as old as seventeen. For children of any age, but especially for children younger than nine years old the therapist may use “child-directed play therapy”. Play for a child is therapeutic as well as the way they communicate with adults. For children nine years and older, a combination of play therapy and “typical talk therapy” is typically ulitized. 

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