If you needed more convincing about why to work with us!

Welcome to Aspen Grove Family Therapy! We have an amazing clinical team that is dedicated to fostering growth and collaboration. Our values of respect, compassion, and quality are the foundation of our culture. We are proud to offer a unique compensation package that allows our clinicians to make choices that best suit their needs. Our approach rewards growth and prioritizes self-care. Rather than a low base salary with limited benefits, our clinicians have the opportunity to customize their compensation. We want our team members to feel empowered and valued. We invite you to compare our compensation to other options available to you. Thank you for considering Aspen Grove Family Therapy as your career home!

With this model, your pay is either based on an annual salary or an hourly rate. However, this pay structure doesn’t consider the fact that some insurance companies pay more than others for the same services. Unfortunately, clinicians aren’t paid extra to make up for this difference.

With our model, each provider’s pay is determined by the amount of money they bring in. The more money they bring in, the more they get paid, and the formula used to calculate this is based on increasing percentages. LPCs, LMSWs, and LAMFTs start at 40%, LCPCs, LCSWs, and LMFTs at 55%, and those with PhDs at 60%.