Graduate Internships

Aspen Grove Family Therapy is always interested to bring on a self-motivated, graduate level counseling Intern who would like experience and training to treat clients from a family systems perspective. Aspen Grove specializes in utilizing a “Whole Family” approach to mental health treatment. We are prepared to provide supervision and additional support to ensure appropriate training and guidance throughout your internship process.


Minimum Qualifications Include: 

  • Be enrolled in a graduate level counseling program in an accredited University,
  • Have identified a preferred theory of therapy,
  • Be willing to record all therapy sessions to ensure appropriate training and supervision. 

Application Instructions

To be considered for an internship please prepare the following materials for your application to be considered (please allow at least 7 business days for review of application materials before return communication is given): 

  • Your identified theory of therapy, 

  • Your desired treatment population, 

  • Any population restrictions (i.e., addiction, trauma, etc.),

  • Graduate program’s hour requirements for graduation,

    • Include hour divisions (i.e., individual supervision, client contact, live supervision, etc.).

  • Graduate program’s explanation of practicum/internship expectations, 

  • Graduate program’s “Release of Information” for supervision and/or recording, 

  • Graduate program’s clinical contact email.

The work environment is designed to be collaboratively open to many (evidence-based) ideas.