Autism Assessment Procedures

Assessment Procedures for Children/Adolescents

If you suspect your child is on the Autism Spectrum an evaluation can help clear up any confusion. There are many standard evaluation procedures for diagnosing Autism and the most common procedure is a Neuro-Psych Evaluation. These evaluation are helpful at getting an in-depth look at Autism symptoms as well as other possible concerns like intellectual disabilities or cognitive impairments. A diagnostic assessment for Autism through Aspen Grove Family Therapy uses a different approach. While a Neuro-Psych evaluation may use the ADOS (a common evaluation tool for Autism), Dr. Whitehead use the MIGDAS-2. The MIGDAS-2 is a sensory based, interactive, and team focused evaluation that provides “a comprehensive behavioral profile that describes the individual’s distinct way of relating to the world, supplementing assessment scores and informing diagnosis and treatment planning… providing diagnostic feedback using language that is easily understood by parents and others involved in the individual’s care.” Using the MIGDAS-2 interview with the child, the interview with the parents and other adults, and other psychometric assessments gives Dr. Whitehead enough data to use in the evaluation process. Sometimes the evaluation will result in an Autism diagnosis, sometimes it will be another mental health or developmental disorder. The cost for this assessment ranges from between $1,500 and $2,000. Insurance companies will NOT pay for these assessments.​


Assessment Procedures for Adults

The great thing about the MIGDAS-2 is that it has been shown accuracy in diagnosing ASD for adults.  The procedures involve an in depth one to two hour historical interview with the individual seeking a diagnosis. A one hour interview with a close relative, family member, or spouse of at least 3 years is required to get collateral input regarding the individual seeking a diagnosis. Psychometric assessment forms are also given to all parties involved. All of this provides enough data to get a good handle on the diagnostic profile. The cost for this assessment ranges from between $600 and $900. Insurance companies will NOT pay for these assessments.​