ADHD Assessment Procedures

Assessment Procedures for Children/Adolescents

When I receive a call asking me to evaluate a child for ADHD, I generally ask to first meet with the parents. I do so for many reasons. First I want to find out about the families possible history of mental health, developmental, or medical disorders. I then go through a development history of the child with the parents. These histories can take anywhere from one to two hours, sometimes (but rarely) more. After a thorough history with the parents, I then ask the parents, teachers, and other adults who have continual contact with the child to fill out psychometric assessment forms. After getting the appropriate releases of information I contact the school (or other extra domestic agency) in order to observe the child in their ‘natural setting’. I generally observe the child using a psychometric coding system for between one to three hours. If I can, I also interview teachers, school counselors, and others who have continual contact with the child. This observation, interview with the parents and other adults, and psychometric assessments gives me about 6-8 hours of data to use in the evaluation process. Lastly, I meet with and observe the child in my office for about an hour. After gathering all of this information I am able to give an informed decision regarding a diagnosis. Sometimes it will result in an ADHD diagnosis, sometimes it will be another mental health or developmental disorder. The cost for this assessment ranges from between $1,500 and $2,000. Insurance companies will NOT pay for these assessments. 


​​Assessment Procedures for Adults

ADHD assessments for adults are a little different than they are for children since most assessment materials are aimed at diagnosing children/adolescents. However, I have materials designed specifically to diagnose adults. The procedures involve an in depth one to two hour historical interview with the individual seeking a diagnosis. A one hour interview with a close relative, family member, or spouse of at least 3 years is required to get collateral input regarding the individual seeking a diagnosis. Psychometric assessment forms are also given to all parties involved. All of this provides at least 4 hours of data, enough to get a good handle on the diagnostic profile. The cost for this assessment ranges from between $600 and $900. Insurance companies will NOT pay for these assessments.