Why Aspen Grove?

Why Aspens?


Aspen trees perfectly describe the treatment approach and philosophical underpinnings of the work we do. One aspen tree is actually interconnected into a much larger “organism” or “ecological system”. Every “individual” tree in a grove is intimately interconnected with the rest of the trees in the grove by a very extensive and versatile root system. Aspen groves thrive in diverse and often harsh environments. Often times forest fires indirectly benefit aspen trees since the root system is deep and complex, the clearing that takes place in a forest fire, allows new saplings access to open sunlight, creating a resilient new grove.


We believe that individuals and families are just as resilient as the Aspen. Life can be harsh on individuals and families, and sometimes the “fires of life” ravage what we thought was our peaceful grove. However, given the right circumstances, and the right support, individuals and families can regain ground and flourish in wonderful and amazing new ways. Allow us to join you on this journey to help your family.


Our Philosophy

Aspen Grove Family Therapy started with one priority in mind – YOUR FAMILY. Each therapist is vetted and hand picked to provide the systemic support and service that we believe families need. Whether your issue is individual anxiety/depression, couple conflict, or challenging children, your concerns are addressed systemically. We recognize that no one lives in a vacuum. When you interact with your family, co-workers, or friends, it has the potential to improve or worsen your concerns. We will work with you to help you find and utilize the tools that are effective at alleviating your concerns.

The Aspen Grove Difference

There are a lot of therapists/counselors to choose from, what makes Aspen Grove Family Therapy different?

First is the training and expertise of our therapists. We are particular about who is hired and retained in the clinic. We want to make sure our clients get the best care possible. Our therapists are trained to think systemically and to be responsive to client feedback. 

Second, we believe that you are the expert in your own life. Our therapists are trained to help you with relationship processes and giving you tools to help, but you are the expert on how to use those tools. Your voice will be honored, valued, and valuable in the treatment process.

Last, we know that therapy is a very personal and intimate journey. We also know that we may not be able to provide you with services that fit your needs. Our priority is your care. If an occasion arises that we cannot provide you with great mental health care, we will work with you to refer you to someone who can. 

Our Office

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